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Huawei is multi-layout, especially the chipAmbassador Liu: is a summary and assessment, but it should be at the appropriate time, but not now.How can we do better when the purpose of the assessment is to carry out scientific analysis, sum up experience, in response to the next pandemic.This is the purpose of the assessment, rather than accusing China.Moderator: According to intelligence agencies said that China supports the hackers trying to steal British and American scientists study information on new viruses crown.Why the Chinese side to do so?However, with a similar chip, also need time to build a software ecosystem.Third-party firm IDC data show that as of April 2020, Android operating system market share of 85.1%, iOS share of 14.9% Other 0.That is, the user's habits difficult to change the short-term, but there are respondents said the next one or two years of HMS opportunity is the ability to direct Google developer applied directly translated to the ecology of the HMS.Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform CommissionHMS Apps is reported, HMS contains a set of open and HMS Core, HMS Capabilities, HMS Connect, and the corresponding development, testing IDE tools.HMS Apps which includes cloud space, intelligent assistant application market, wallet, video, music, reading and life service applications.Insiders said rotation, HMS is considered "tank" to support the entire terminal frame "new aircraft," the.After verification, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Academic Committee form the following observations: Grouping consistent with the original papers, records related experiments and experimental data is complete, consistent with the results of the paper; the paper does misuse a histological picture.When the paper-based selection of image, a mistake negative control (WT-HB-01) slices for different fields of view image a further negative control group (ACE2-Mock); research papers generated by the histogram-based mapping software, consistent with the original experiment data.The original experimental data was April 22 in a paper submitted to the required pre-publication "Nature" magazine accepted.Moderator: We talk about the international community does not believe in the cause of China.US Secretary of State Pompeo said that China failed to share information about the epidemic, President Trump said there is abundant evidence that the virus originated from Wuhan laboratory, the Chinese side made a mistake and tried to hide.I would like to ask, the Chinese have made a mistake, if there is to hide?Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei in a recent interview said that as long as the United States approved, will still be large-scale procurement (USA) chips.He also said that the domestic chip manufacturers currently produce low-end chips still have the ability, but the lack of high-end chip capacity.Any chip manufacturing companies need a growth process.According to Jilin Jian Wei track action committee released four new cases have been to the supermarket, hospital, barber shops, markets, restaurants, etc., rode a taxi, a man went to the hotel and a plurality of cells do cleaning, positive local emergency seeking their close contacts.Figure Source: Wei Jian, Jilin Province CommitteeOriginal title: Survey unemployment rate in cities and towns throughout April 6.0%Dear friends users:First, the existing global industrial chain, supply chain pattern is the result of years of foreign enterprises common choice is the result of a combination of factors factor cost economies, supporting industries and infrastructure Interaction.With the Ministry of Commerce spokesman as saying the peak, which is not formed overnight, nor is it what people, what country can freely change.Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) reporter noted that this group of candidates in the publicity including the proposed exceptional promotion "after 70" cadres Cuizhao Lei.

Publicity, said Cui Zhaolei aspiring Huaibei Municipal Research Office, the municipal government office (Municipal Foreign Affairs Office) party members (less than two years of grassroots work experience, exceptional promotion because of their work, have been reported to the higher authorities agreed to organize). Click into the topic: politicians · Sina news | attention focused politicians personnel converged Deal Editor: Yang JieToday, the level of risk Chuanying adjusted from low risk to medium risk.Original title: April retail sales fell 7 year.5%In the training of undergraduate students, regardless of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, specializing in small, official website shows only students enrolled in professional journalism.According to its January 2017 statistics, undergraduate students 275 people, including 202 people in mainland Chinese students, 73 students.Moderator: You just talked about China is open, that we come to talk about "open" this topic.My first question is why China to expel 13 US Correspondent?You know many of them have tried to investigate the new problem crown of viral origin in China.In addition, in early Chinese citizen reporter why the epidemic has issued a video in Qiu Chen, Fang Bin will be missing?They where people?

Source: AFPAmbassador Liu: China is willing to share vaccine of course, we see it as the result of joint efforts of scientists around the world, will help the global fight against SARS, we actively cooperate with other countries to carry out scientific research.First, the existing global industrial chain, supply chain pattern is the result of years of foreign enterprises common choice is the result of a combination of factors factor cost economies, supporting industries and infrastructure Interaction.With the Ministry of Commerce spokesman as saying the peak, which is not formed overnight, nor is it what people, what country can freely change.US to extend the license again, but there are variablesOriginal title: Statistics: 1 - April national online retail sales 3.0698 trillion yuanVirus is the devil, "political virus" is the devil.The new crown pneumonia epidemic spread in the world, behind the startling figure is a section of fresh life.At the critical moment of the world's concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, a lie can not make up for lost time, rumors irreparable lives lost, "rejection pot" and defamation can only unite the power of digestion.Overcome with scientific ignorance, eliminate prejudice in a rational, clear conspiracy theory "political virus", which is the world's hope for the fight against SARS, but also the common responsibility of countries in the world. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengFor that matter, May 14, SMIC quarterly results briefing did not involve, TSMC online a month ago legal briefing, Wei Che-ho, president of the home, said not to worry about SMIC "rush orders" confident in saying with Samsung, SMIC's competitive process, TSMC foundry market share in the future will be "rising".

According to Bureau of Statistics, in April, retail sales 281.7 billion yuan, down 7 year.5% decline narrowed compared to March 8.3 percentage points; growth of 0.32%.1--4 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods 10.6758 trillion yuan, down 16 year.2%, a decline of 1 - 2 March narrowed.8 points. Editor: Liu Debin SN222Source: Guizhou City NewsInsiders told Beijing News reporter said that Huawei's ability to pay more attention to products, SMIC and TSMC's technical strength is still far, and climb yield also take time.A semiconductor industry analyst pointed out that SMIC TSMC two generations of backward technology.Ambassador Liu: You should first ask the US government, why should expel 60 Chinese reporters?You should also ask, compared to the United States, why the Chinese side to provide more convenience for an interview with US reporters in China?Because the United States to expel Chinese reporters earlier, the Chinese side forced to take counter-measures, this has nothing to do with the new crown pneumonia outbreak.As I said, Chinese epidemic prevention and control open and transparent . (interrupted moderator)According to Xinhua News Agency reported, after Shenyang three cases of confirmed cases of the disease, where it has completed more than 5600 nucleic acid testing, the test results were negative.Other risk groups still Detection.Source: Colorful Guizhou NetworkMetropolis Daily commentator Qu JingAccording to Tsinghua University School of Journalism and the spread of Communist Youth League official micro-channel public number Message: May 14, Tsinghua University Journalism and Communication, held a meeting of all faculty by way of remote network site plus online.Peng Gang, vice president of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Dean of Journalism and Communication Mr. Liu, executive vice president Chen Changfeng, party secretary Hu Yu hospital and more than 40 faculty members participate.Meeting was chaired by Hu Yu.Moderator: According to the principle of "Global Vaccine Alliance", the vaccine will first be offered to the outbreak of the central region, no matter where in the world, after then provided to health care workers around the world.China will agree to this principle it?White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Microsoft, Dell and at & t are in the plan.He also cited Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell as saying that "5G age, software is eating away at hardware".In fact, this is currently a fixed mode of thinking under the IT industry in the great development of cloud computing, software-defined everything that is.Second, we must continue to strengthen the study of the basic principles of journalism, basic theory, lay a solid basic skills, and promote the study of journalism with Chinese characteristics, has made excellent lead of the high academic achievements;Research paper "pathogenic virus gene transfer in mouse new crown hACE2 the" Institute of Medical Laboratory Animal Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences animal models of infectious disease research team on May 7 in "Nature" magazine published by the misuse of a histopathology pictures, contact has been through the "Nature" magazine e-mail and resubmit the correct picture.Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Academic Committee has publicly issued "instructions on the new crown viral infection of transgenic mouse models of paper verification of the situation" and to "misuse the system subordinate units in the writing process inadvertently appear with a picture apologize.".Huawei's annual purchase of about $ 11 billion in parts and materials from US suppliers.Foreign media concluded that, Flextronics, Broadcom and Qualcomm are earning the most revenue from Huawei's US company, Huawei most of the orders are mobile phones and laptops by the manufacturer Flextronics, which leads to high Broadcom and Huawei to sell chips and components.Third-party firm Gartner data show that 2019 Huawei is the world's third chip buyers, spending 208.$ 8.4 billion.Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Academic Committee of the subordinate units of the system error in the writing process inadvertently appear with a picture of deep regret, and said, "will strictly strengthen the management of scientific research in the future, the researchers requested data and charts on paper carefully detailed and rigorous review."

Original title: Survey unemployment rate in cities and towns throughout April 6.0%Reply content: Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the governor of Internet users to "About 2.5 days a small holiday proposal "reply to commentModerator: Ambassador Liu, thank you.Regardless of when to carry out an international investigation of the source of the virus, I would very much look forward.Thanks again for your guest to our show tonight, and answer my questions.Developer into a substantial increase, Huawei HMS attack the ecologicalHigh-tech industry to absorb foreign investment continues to grow.Among them, professional and technical services to absorb foreign investment almost doubled over last year, information services, e-commerce services growth were also up 46.9%, 73.8%.Moderator: China agreed to lead organization by WHO scientists from various countries to China to investigate it?Secondly, the reason why US companies in China layout, to a large extent is the value of China's huge market.Ambassador Liu: Do not mention it. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang JieArticle, Peng Gang said: repeated research school, careful decision-making, decided to significantly expand the scale of Graduate School of Journalism master's degree, college personnel training in the future mainly at the graduate level.Earlier, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to extend, whether the United States Department of Commerce will once again issuing a license will be the key to extend the.However, Huawei is also ready for another hand.Ambassador Liu: In China, no one in reporter activity since been detained, some people were detained because of illegal activities.In China, no one is above the law, equality before the law.Reporters identity can not provide cover for any offense."In China" is still the best policy

Incumbent Central Theater Central Theater Air Force deputy political commissar, political commissar of Guo Pu is in the school, he had long served in airborne troops, 2017 message, he served as political commissar of the Air Force Central Theater.




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