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Moreover, in terms of the social security system, should provide a further guarantee for the female fertility.Because the best women of childbearing age often the beginning of their career to pursue, in order to ensure that women can best age for childbearing, not only to eliminate hidden discrimination against female employment should also establish subsidies for women on maternity leave because of pregnancy causes damage to business interests mechanisms to reduce the pressure on female employment and development.Okay Shaanxi Xi'an People's Procuratorate Wang Zhiwei company and eight prisoners production and sale of fake or inferior products, and Wang Zhiwei company Shaanxi Okay, four units to commit bribery, Wang Zhiwei guilty of bribery prosecution to the Xi'an Intermediate People's Court.Xi'an Intermediate People's Court, respectively, production and sale of fake or inferior products, units of bribery and sentenced to a fine of Shaanxi Okay company 30.5 million yuan; production and sale of fake or substandard products, bribery, bribery , graft, decided to implement Wang Zhiwei to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and fined 21.5 million yuan; production and sale of fake or substandard products, units of bribery and sentenced to seven other defendants for seven years to 12 years and three months in prison.After the verdict, Wang Zhiwei, who filed an appeal, the Shaanxi Provincial Higher People's Court, the court rejected the appeal and upheld.A reporter asked, recently, the US diplomatic mission in the relevant ASEAN countries reprinted an article entitled "Southeast Asian countries to challenge China maritime rights advocates," the article said that Southeast Asian countries against China's rights and interests in the South China Sea claims.what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?As of May 14, the existing six cases of confirmed cases in Hubei, including severe one case, one case of critical illness, the existing suspected cases 0 cases; Hubei Province, a total of 4512 cases of disease death, cumulative 63,616 cases were cured.Third, time-sharing with family and friends by telephone, Internet, etc., to share their emotions, experiences and thoughts, feelings of family and social support.State Securities said in a research report, in accordance with the core parts manufacturers from April to May of scheduling, inventory consumption combined with OEMs in March, which is expected from May to June excavator sales growth will remain above 60%. Domestic excavator industry data Source: China Construction Machinery Association Editor: Zhang DiThe report by the mention: Thirteenth National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province, elected NLD Central Committee, Zhejiang Medical University, the former president Qiao Jian Fang, discipline for violation of life, was ordered to resign from the National People's Thirteenth Congress office.Thirteenth National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province elected, Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Department of the former party secretary, former director Zhang Geng, she was ordered to resign for disciplinary Thirteenth National People's Congress as a representative.2020 January 10, Zhejiang Province, the Thirteenth Standing Committee of the Seventeenth Meeting decided to accept the party Jian Qiao, Zhang Geng resignation.Original title: Wuhan, Hubei province except for 71 consecutive days no new confirmed casesOriginal title: exam this year extended to apply equivalent Shenshuo August, November examLast year, the excavator industry price war has been concern.Xugong related to the above sources to the observer network, bitter price war is gradually dissipate.Recent price increases at this stage, in essence, before a recovery in market prices, product gradually returned to a price war, which contributes to healthy competition in the market for manufacturers, users, supply chain, agents and other beneficial for both.May 15, sources said Rui Xing coffee market began to shrink the front in Beijing, is expected to shut shop 80.Fortunately, Swiss Coffee relevant person in charge told reporters that Beijing News today, affected by the epidemic and other relevant factors, the Swiss really fortunate coffee shop during normal optimization of individual poor performance or customer coverage overlap of stores to "Guantingbingzhuan ", while continuing to open new stores, which is the strategic adjustment of the direction of the company store.After the outbreak stores nationwide more than 90% return to work, everything is operating normally. Editor: Zheng YapengMay 15, listed companies Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. (securities referred to: Zhangzidao 002 069) held on-line annual report online briefings 2019, during which the investment question: "Will the tread banned for life pretreatment step where the market , how long can the results, I remember all the time for nearly a year."Special announcement.According to reports, in February 2015 to July, accused unit Shaanxi Okay Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Okay company) has with the China Railway First Electric Works Co., Ltd., Shanghai Railway Bureau in Xi'an Metro Line project construction unit low voltage power cables supply contract signed.In addition, the company also Okay Shaanxi and Xi'an Railway Electrification Bureau AFC subway project, construction units Railway 25th Bureau of Xi'an Metro police station parking lot project signed a supply contract for low voltage power cables, power supply cables.After signing the contract, Wang Zhiwei to reduce production costs, get more illegal profits, cut corners production of the cable to the cable as qualified substandard cable sales to the construction unit.After the incident was identified, substandard cables amounting to more than 38.4 million yuan.Also found that, from 2009 to 2011, Wang Zhiwei during Ren Zhangjiang Hi-tech cable sales agent for the sale of cable, 580,000 yuan bribe related to the Xi'an subway construction project managers.Okay Shaanxi Company and Wang Zhiwei, who 42 bribe to China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., the construction unit responsible person.70,000 yuan.

Population issues related to people's livelihood and national long-term development, sustained decline in fertility rates will bring a profound impact on the long-term economic and social development of our country.Specifically, Jiang Feng, Chen Yupu, Yang Yan, Zhang Yi was canceled two years of senior management personnel qualifications, Qi Li Po, Caliberation was canceled senior management qualifications five years, Tan Kwong new fine of $ 50,000 and was warned."Mechanical engineering is the basic industry of the national economy.From the point of view of construction machinery to return to work, the pace of infrastructure construction of the country did not stop, and with the countries 'new infrastructure' as the theme of major projects continue to start, the economy began a strong recovery, the scale of construction of the building for more than a year ago."Mechanical Lu Chuan, president of Xugong May 13, said in an interview observer network.It should be noted that different division of household income divided here and statistics department, according to the division of the distribution of the sample is self-made, namely: the household income is divided into high, medium and low grades, which is greater than the high-end household income 10 million, greater than 50,000 yuan mid-range of 100,000 or less, or less low 50,000 yuan.Therefore the results can not affect the price equivalent to the different income families statistically significant, but still has significant reference value.Original title: National Health health committee: Risk rally outside input epidemic caused overall control

Original title: National Health health committee: Risk rally outside input epidemic caused overall controlMay 15, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.Thus only from the macro level to explore the impact of price increases on fertility is not enough.In this study, just from the perspective of the microscopic mechanism, the mechanism of housing prices affect household fertility time to explore theoretical and empirical, which has important implications for the development of suitable real estate control policies, boost fertility, optimizing population structure.Zhao Lijian said the article patchwork, distorted facts, logical confusion, not worth refuting.Individual countries reprint this article in the official platform, exposing its use of the South China Sea issue of political manipulation of poor plot.China urges parties concerned to stop the use of sow discord maritime issues, sow discord, to avoid damage to the relationship between the national and regional peace and stability in the South China Sea, interfere with the overall situation of international cooperation in fight against SARS. Editor: Zhang DiIt is noteworthy that, when the "Legislative Yuan" Kun Kun announced the withdrawal of the proposal and asked whether the objections put forward the case of co-sponsors and the participation of the Democratic Progressive Party countersigned, "the era of power" and non-party "legislators", no a raise objections.Original title: Wang male lieutenant general, has been appointed deputy political commissar of the Central theater and theater, political commissar of the Air ForceBeijing News reporter Xu Tengfei Editor: Zheng Yapeng

It is reported that on February 14, by the novel coronavirus infection of the pneumonia outbreak, the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council decided to defer scheduled to start March 2 of 2020 equivalent staff apply for master's degree in foreign language level and Comprehensive Level unified national exam registration work.The new crown grim situation recently faced by pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the Jilin epidemic prevention and control work leading group "to further strengthen epidemic control measures in the city of Jilin notice" requirement, Jilin City, mutatis mutandis, high-risk areas, to further strengthen the traffic during the epidemic control measures.The announcement is as follows:Original title: Hong Kong "amendments storm" the first to confess the crime of violence of the mob was jailed for four years Xian Jiahao May 4 pleaded insurrection (Source: Hong Kong "East Network")Not surprisingly, sales rose A shares also led the industrial machinery sector strength.As of May 12 closing, Sany closed up six consecutive trading days, the day to close at 20.56 yuan / share, a record closing high; Xugong consecutive year also closed up, 12 closing price hit 9-year high. The domestic construction machinery industry trend Soochow Securities research report screenshotIf you continue to postpone childbearing phenomenon can not be changed, will undoubtedly have a quality of the population, social welfare, national development, and other adverse effects of the country's future, it is necessary to take diverse measures to promote and encourage women in the prime childbearing timely birth, in order to promote the steady development of a healthy society.From the foregoing it can be seen, excavator sales without the support of infrastructure projects.Original title: 6th China - South Asia Expo canceled due to the outbreakOriginal title: US institutions abroad ASEAN provoke confrontation Fang Nanhai argued that Zhao Lijian even hate the word 8Original title: Shenyang to Hong Yongan village banks due to the repayment of loans and other fined 600,000, seven people were accountableBy the end of 2019, corporate loans and advances balances and personal loans and advances balances in Hong Yongan village banks were 3.2.6 billion 2.6.6 billion yuan, compared to the end of the 5.8.2 billion yuan and 3.2.9 billion yuan was a more substantial decline.Examination emergency backup +May 15, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce the new crown normalization of pneumonia epidemic prevention work.Original title: Xi'an subway cable event follow-up question: Okay cable Wang Zhiwei final PipanwuqiAll test sites a spare examination room, an ambulance or with a special transfer isolators vehicle for handling emergencies.Once confirmed candidates fever, according to the wishes of individual candidates, to continue the examination by setting alternate routes to the examination room, after the end of the examination candidates to designated fever clinics or hospitals designated contact.(Total station CCTV reporter Wang Shuo Han Ruxu) Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang Shen

Hong Yongan village on the bank of Shenyang City Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a business license on May 4, 2012.The bank has jurisdiction over a six branches and a sales department, namely the Yangtze River Street Branch, Shenyang Branch Liaoning Road, Sandy Ridge Branch, Wang Branch River Road, Colliers Branch, Jili Lake Branch and Head Office.Second, the price effect on middle-income families first birth time is more significant.Source: Shaanxi High Court Editor: Zheng YapengReported that the 21-year-old defendant Xian Jiahao, charged with public road entrance Legislative Council Complex in the Legislative Council last June 12 outside, along with other unidentified people involved in riots.He was originally charged with more than two other police officers to resist crime, the prosecution application does not deal with the two crimes, court-archive record.DPP "legislators" It's a toss, fully exposed its "Taiwan value" is nothing but "Elections value" of the DPP.Taiwan media comments that the DPP's remarks on strengthening the "Taiwan subjectivity", after all, just lie ballot election, then surgery.Meanwhile, the announcement said that the number (PN limit) light vehicle emission standards for particulate matter six countries 6.0 × 1012 cells / one thousand meters transitional period adjusted by the deadline of July 1, 2020 to 2021 before 1 January.Since January 1, 2021, all production, import country six emission standards for light-duty vehicles, PN limits should be consistent 6.0 × 1011 cells / one thousand meters in claim.May 15, China - South Asia Expo China Kunming Import and Export Fair Executive Committee announced that in view of the current global epidemic situation is severe and complicated for epidemic prevention and control work to do, decided to cancel this year held the 6th China - South Asia Expo the 26th China Kunming import and export commodities Fair and the 3rd China - South Asia cooperation Forum, starting next year, as appropriate, according to the original schedule organized by period.Recently, the network linked to observers Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong and other leading Chinese construction machinery.In their view, the overall economy after the epidemic began a strong recovery, nearly a month of infrastructure started a day rate of more than a year ago.It is precisely because China's construction machinery market rebounded significantly, excavators, loaders and other products are in short supply phenomenon.Fourth, the public security organs will be out of town vehicles and personnel, by people by car registration plate number, ID number, destination, subject out of the city, make the general public to actively cooperate.Case triggered public concern about the high degree of quality and operational safety of subway construction in Xi'an, a major impact in the community.Okay accused unit Shaanxi company and its legal representative Wang Zhiwei, etc. to seek illegal interests, in violation of state regulations product quality, shoddy, production and sale of substandard cables pose a security risk to the subway, affecting public safety; taking bribes means to sell their products, disruption of normal market economic order, adverse social impact.People's Court accused unit and its legal representative Wang Zhiwei and other stiff sentence according to the law, a strong blow to the production and sales of shoddy goods crime and unfair competition crime, safeguard market order of fair competition.To better highlight the strong demand that April sales of mechanical engineering and rapid growth, is in the leading manufacturers of waves of price increases occurring background.The second is to focus on the elderly, children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, patients with severe chronic diseases such as focus groups, vulnerable groups.Provide timely assistance to care for this population, our daily life support services and mental health services combine to improve their health and well-being.

Source: Beijing Municipal Government Editor: Zheng Yapeng




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