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  2020-08-04 22:57:03,SEO研究中心Ma Xiuhua (female) Beijing Daxing District People's Hospital, deputy party secretary, president, chief physician, professorSince May 16, the Beijing Public Transport officially launched the "one yard pass by" service.Beijing bus passengers APP, APP or one hundred million pass any of a Beijing-card APP, you can brush the ground yards ride Beijing subway and buses, covering the use of urban and suburban Beijing, more than 1500 all conventional ground bus lines (free shuttle Business , ridesharing customization diverse line), all 23 urban rail transit lines and S2 line, line two pregnant dense suburban railway line.Although the exercises in the Taiwan Strait to pitch very far, but tense cross-strait relations, with Tsai Ing-wen coincided with the occasion of the inauguration, the island naturally attracted attention.Although the pan-green camp "legislators" hurriedly explained that, in order to exercise the disclosure of the situation, the Bohai live ammunition military exercise targeted, not so much the sensitivity.However, public opinion is still outside the island will invariably military exercises with the anti- "Taiwan independence" to contact.News Headlines station ETTV stressed: "Tsai Ing-wen published before his inaugural speech, the PLA military exercise two and a half Tangshan Port!"Taiwan Today News Network, said the exercise Tsai Ing-wen from the" May 20 "inauguration only a week, and Beijing vowed to" unify the two sides will, if necessary, at the use of force ".。。Hefei-Xuzhou Expressway:。

  After the proposal was rejected, the party Yamin team still can not be reconciled, a chance, they learned that China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center of natural resources can be done, it took six months to develop a detailed technical cooperation program, and invited the two academicians review, eventually included the height determination of which programs.Tomorrow, the Beijing Public Transport launched the "one yard pass by" service, passengers Beijing bus, billion-pass, any of a Beijing cartoon APP, can take ground transportation yard brush and rail transport.In 1856, the British surveyor Sir George Everest led the team to break the mystery of Mount Everest, first published Everest at an altitude of 8840 meters.Aerial survey obvious advantages, but the plane flying too difficult, at first once rejected.Party Asia and China, last year, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping led the development of the height determination of technical solutions, the companies and experts consulted flight, gave a negative answer.Airborne gravity survey, more suitable in low-lying areas, areas measuring plains, mountains in altitude, normally the 9,000 meters, also can fly up to 10,000 meters, but very difficult, requires repeated technical feasibility studies.。

  Seems to be to embolden the Taiwan authorities, the United States has a lot of little tricks on the Taiwan issue.US Pacific Fleet official news release on the 14th, the 13th US destroyer through the Taiwan Strait, the Pacific Fleet also announced the ship's navigation screen in the Taiwan Strait.Taiwan's "Defense Ministry" excitedly said, This is the sixth time this year, is the third time in a month US warships through the Taiwan Strait.Taiwan media also emphasized that "This is the message the US Pacific Fleet proactive disclosure".In this regard, the island friends Tucao, US warships purely "acting" by the Taiwan Strait, so we go for the military, do not think the United States would defend Taiwan.Some Internet users more bluntly denounced "not seen his home to the thief still so happy.".。。

  Recently, because of the weather, the summit will take longer than the scheduled May 12 to 14 postponed.But the preparatory work did not stop climbing.According to reports, as planned, on May 11, players will build roads ropes laying position to an altitude of about 8600 meters, and returns an altitude of 8300 meters assault camp.May 12, when weather permits, the team will pass peak road route repair.At the same time, 12 wizard from an altitude of 7028 meters One camp departure, the transportation of materials to assault the camp, and make the collusion of members of the road work.,Equipment at home, China is one of the measurements in the height of the highlights."In addition to airborne gravity surveys, and the rest are still using the technology in 2005, but this time with a lot of domestic equipment."The party Yamin told the" China News Weekly ".。

{标题}:According to Taiwan's United News reported on the 14th, the Bohai exercise continent long time span theater, the PLA will be more than military branches, inter-theater amphibious landing, to win more practical subjects island of exercise, air and missile defense, with its The purpose is to "shock and awe 'Taiwan independence', in preparation for settling the Taiwan issue by force if necessary.".It reported that the China Maritime Safety Administration May 11 issued notice of military exercises, beginning from May 14, for a period of two and a half months of live-fire exercises in the Tangshan Port, during which the ship has nothing prohibited from entering the security control area.
Wo, Mengcheng, Lixin Dong, Lixin, Lixin Xi, Huaiyuan West entrance closed.Jieshou Bengbu direction to divert the traffic from Tai exports.Bengbu to Jieshou direction Quartet Lake service area entrance closed.

  Reporters learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, after nearly five months of public testing of each APP system is fully running and optimize the sound, the overall smooth running.By comprehensive judgments, various aspects of the current carrying capacity of APP system, service support capability to ensure that Beijing Public Transport 'one yard pass by "comprehensive and reliable service.,恐East Guoyang, Guoyang North, Phoenix Taipei, Fengtai, Shou, Ann Tong Feng, An Feng, the three felt the entrance closed.Hefei to Yongcheng direction of the vehicle from Guoyang east, Shou export diversion, Yongcheng Hefei direction to divert the traffic from the north exit of Guoyang.Dangshan, Dangshan north entrance prohibit more than seven (free) bus, car dangerous chemicals, on a three-speed overtaking.Mount Everest is located in the eastern section of the border between China and Nepal, is the world's highest mountain.Over the past few decades, the world Mount Everest is widely recognized that altitude is 8848 m.In 2005, the former State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping measured Everest rock surface elevation is 8844.43 meters.This year's measurement, is the second in 1975, 2005 and released twice the height of Mount Everest, China climbers measured Everest elevation measurements again open action.Lu Ye Jin (female) Sinopec Sales Company Limited Beijing Branch of oil Shili gas station owners, senior technician。

  Zhengzi Chen Beijing Public Security Bureau Network security corps detachment data management application platform technology two squadrons of police in chargeZhou Jin (female) Beijing twelfth secondary school teachers, senior teachers。”但"Tsai Ing-wen 'does not rule out cross-strait war' dream may come true."Taiwan's" Defense Ministry "Senior Advisory Committee Songzhao Wen 14 in ETTV news, wrote," "on the eve, Tsai Ing-wen direct descendant" May 20 legislators, "Tsai Yi Yu, suggested that" upgrading the provisions of the Constitution "and" cross-strait relations regulations " the "national unity" text deleted.Strong reaction to this continent, as a "step on the bottom line of provocation".If Tsai Ing-wen in the "May 20" inaugural address sensitive topics touched again, the mainland will inevitably intolerable, and a more intense military action, Cai authorities fired back.Gao Chun Technology Co., Ltd., sea traffic control, researcherHusin West Branch of Beijing Public Security Exit-Entry Administration deputy brigade commander。

  Hua Xia (female), chairman of ASAT Limited clothingNepal and different, since 2005, China has chosen the rock surface height as a measurement point."High snow surface measurement error is too large, too much change throughout the year.The wind blows the snow is gone, and sun drying of the ice, the height will be reduced.Time measurement is not the same, the results will certainly not be the same measure.And it's hard to say who is right.The rock face high variability only four millimeters per year.If the two measurements elevation time interval of 5 years, up to 2 cm elevation difference, if the difference is more, it shows there must be a measure wrong."Asia and China to the party," China News Weekly, "explains.:Mawen Ya (female) China Mobile Group Beijing Co., Ltd. City three branch manager。

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