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Original title: Report: The popularity of finding new houses in March increased by nearly 30% month-on-month, Xi鈥檃n, Chongqing, and the high school news agency, Beijing, April 2 (reporter Pang Wuji) 58 The same city and Anjuke released the 'Summary Report on the First Quarter of 2020' ,The popularity of finding new houses in China continued to pick up in March,MoM rose nearly 30%,among them,The fever of finding housing in first- and second-tier cities has become more pronounced.Wang Shufang, the principal of Xi'an High-tech First Middle School, said,Because of the delayed start of school,From February 10th,The school asked the outgoing students to return to Xi'an as soon as possible,Isolate at home as soon as possible,The High-tech Zone Management Committee organized nucleic acid testing for all teachers and students in the third grade.On the first day of school, no student could not arrive because of the epidemic.Assistant engineer Jia Xiaoxuan of Xigu District Brigade incarnates 'Ms. Lan' to carry out the 'first lesson' of fire safety online,More than 40,000 sixth grade primary school students watch online.锘縊riginal title: Three departments dispatched six inspection teams to supervise forest and grassland fire prevention in Sichuan and other nine provinces, regions, and cities.Do a good job in forest and grassland fire extinguishing during Qingming Festival,Stabilize the situation of forest and grassland fire prevention and extinguishing,To create a good security environment for winning the epidemic prevention and control war, maintaining stable economic operation and social harmony and stability,recently,The Office of the National Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Command, the Emergency Management Department, and the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau jointly organized 6 inspection teams.Supervise and inspect the forest and grassland firefighting in nine provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Beijing, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Shaanxi.

Original title: Increasing the modernization level of urban risk governance (new knowledge and new perception) In recent years,China's urban construction is advancing rapidly,While the size of the city is increasing,There are also more and more risk challenges facing urban governance.

From the end of 2019,Police across the country have cracked and announced many cases of illegally controlling home cameras,Effectively hit the entire black industrial chain,But if you want to completely block the privacy hole of the smart camera, it 鈥檚 not easy,Industry supervision, enterprises and consumers need to work together.'You didn't come at the right time,There are many fish at four or five in the morning.In the process of dismantling danger and chaos,Party organizations at all levels in Longnan City, especially those at the two levels in rural areas, give full play to their role as battle fortresses,Organize and mobilize the masses,Unite and lead the masses,A total of more than 4,500 commando commandos were formed,Mobilized more than 550,000 people to participate,A lively situation of organizational leadership, party-group linkage and joint efforts has been formed.During Qingming, strictly implement the 24-hour professional duty and leadership on duty system,Keep the information flowing,Timely, efficient and properly handle safety and epidemic-related incidents.Original title: 'Cloud Fitness' Practices New Fashion Core Reading Staying Active at Home,Subtlely promote the development of national fitness.Strictly crack down on crimes in the pharmaceutical field according to law.

As of March 30,Sina Weibo's 'Zhaijia Fitness Exercise Program' topic has been read 100 million times.Xu Hongcai pointed out,The scale of our government debt has increased somewhat over the years,But the increase is manageable.Original title: Smart Meteorological Data Second Return (Decoding) Core Reading After the official operation of the ground weather observation automation reform,Improvements in observation frequency, transmission efficiency and data volume,Strengthened the ability of China's meteorological observation to 'precisely monitor',Will better meet the needs of weather forecast services,Provide strong support for the realization of the requirements of 'precise forecast and precise service'.'she says.Pay close attention to scientifically carry out the epidemiological investigation of asymptomatic infection,Provide scientific support for prevention and control.up to now,145 projects including Dundang Expressway, Liudun Expressway, Dacheng CSP, Changle Power Plant, Maqiao Highway and Qigua Highway have been resumed.The investment is expected to be 100 million yuan.but,With the orderly resumption of production and production,Sites, markets, and enterprises that have been quiet for a long time are busy again.In the first- and second-tier cities, the increase in house-finding is more obvious.The quarter-on-quarter increases were all over 30%.

Original title: Do well and speak well Be both a doer and a propagandist,Well done and well spoken,It is a necessary quality for leading cadres to perform their duties and fulfill their duties.

For the future,The Shell Institute expects thatThe second-hand housing market will continue to recover in the second quarter,But there is long-term uncertainty.

Sun Ying said,Almost all Sam 鈥檚 stores in Mainland China have opened online ordering and one-hour delivery services.This has caused explosive growth in online consumption.Related industries and academia have set their sights on 'new infrastructure',It is the right time to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure.

Strengthen professional command,Scientific organizations save,Strengthen risk assessment and effective response.foreseeable,Related consumer behaviors will be launched online and offline simultaneously.However, the promotion of inventory digestion and resumption of production is staged,It may be uneven.A total of 4 close contacts of imported cases in Hubei were tracked,All have been centrally isolated.

Meson Tweet was a loyal minister under Jin Wengong's ears during the Spring and Autumn Period,He had been on the side when he was in exile in the early years.The procuratorial organ of Jiangsu filed a public prosecution against Chen Gang in connection with the bribery case.The case of the former Party Secretary and Director Chen Gang of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau (at the level of the main hall) was suspected of taking bribes.Under the jurisdiction of the People 鈥檚 Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province,The Xuzhou People's Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with the Xuzhou Intermediate People's Court.

In March this year,Nangang Public Security Branch found three under the guise of SME incubator companies,A large number of registered shell companies and criminal gangs that handle business-to-public accounts.But the outbreak caused many international flights to be cancelled,There are very few who can make it to Lanzhou.Chen Leinan,Han nationality,Born in June 1970,Communist Party members,People in Pingliang, Gansu,Gansu Provincial Party School graduate degree,The current deputy secretary general of the municipal government and a member of the party group of the office,It is planned to hold the official position of the county-level unit directly under the municipal government.Sun Yuqiang,Han nationality,Born in December 1964,Communist Party members,Suide, Shaanxi,University degree of the Central Party School,The current Deputy Director of the Trial Management Office of the Municipal Intermediate Court,It is proposed to be the director of the trial management office of the municipal intermediate court (probation period of one year).Jiang Yujie telephoned Luo Yuehong for emergency response.Since the outbreak,The proportion of newly listed houses under 90 square meters and small rooms has increased significantly.And on the level of looking,The proportion of large-sized apartments and sub-new houses is expected to rise.They will be connected with Shuangshi Road, Xuanyu Road, Qiaowan City, Cyongyang City, Yulin Cave, Xuanquanzhi, Mogao Cave and other core tourism resources in series.Form the Guadun tourist loop,It has become the growth pole of the cultural tourism industry in Gansu Province.

In recent years,The Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has always upheld 'Where are netizens,The concept of discipline inspection and supervision extends to the concept of 'Continue to strengthen the construction of publicity platforms,Actively adapt to the trend requirements of media convergence development,Relying on Gansu Discipline Inspection and Supervision Network,Focus on creating the 'Woodpecker' brand series of integrated media platforms,It has successively launched and operated platforms such as Woodpecker WeChat Public Account, Woodpecker Today's Toutiao, Learning Powerful Gansu Learning Platform Woodpecker Column, Gansu Party Construction Woodpecker Column, and New Gansu Woodpecker Gansu.Form a collection of texts, pictures, sounds, as a whole,Multi-level, multi-channel, three-dimensional propaganda pattern.'Just learned to measure indoor air pressure,Observation is automated; I am just familiar with all kinds of clouds,Observation is automated; then,Winter precipitation, visibility, weather phenomena,Have realized automated observation.

To establish and improve the working mechanism to deal with the epidemic situation,Accurately solve the problem of resumption of production and production of foreign-funded enterprises,Serve the construction and landing of major foreign investment projects.There are many departments involved in the import of original seeds,The application approval cycle is long,In the past, customs required air transport to reach Lanzhou directly.From a macro perspective,The impact of the epidemic on the Chinese economy is more short-term.The whole Liuba County is full of momentum.

Gao Yonghong,Han nationality,Born in May 1969,Communist Party members,People from Jingning, Gansu,Secondary education,He is currently a Level 4 Investigator of the Municipal Intermediate Court,It is proposed to serve as the captain of the Municipal Intermediate Court Judicial Police Detachment (one-year probation period).(Editor: Zhou Wanting, Jiao Long)'The biggest difficulty is that the resumption of production and production of upstream and downstream enterprises is not synchronized,The resumption of the entire industry chain is not linked.Guo Zhanwei,male,Han nationality,Born in August 1968,Communist Party members,People from Dunhuang, Gansu,Born in Dunhuang, Gansu,In-service college education.After the sacrifice or death of the military dog,Officers and soldiers will be like missing their comrades,They often come to accompany them.

'Hou Han Shu 路 Zhou Ju Zhuan' records,When Zhou Ju was in the history of Bingzhou,'You Shimen cold food every month in winter,Mo da yan cuan,Old and young,More than one year old dead.At present, more than 150 acres of reclaimed land have been covered with brand-new double-ditch furrow film.It is the builders of China Railway 11th Bureau who are undertaking the construction of the ninth bid section,As they are distributed all over the country,It is difficult to arrive on time during resumption of work.Simultaneously,Implement industry awards and supplementary funds and 'five small' industry subsidies,Drive poverty alleviation through industry leadership,Increase family income.In addition,Feng County arranged 30 county-level cadres and 27 county-level principal department heads to '61' one-to-one companies,One enterprise, one policy,Help enterprises to improve the resumption of work plan and the epidemic prevention and control plan,Assist enterprises to purchase prevention and control materials,Orderly organize personnel to return to work,Support enterprises to resume production as soon as possible.Original title: 'Long Jiangnan' walking on spring day,The Gansu Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department organized the Gansu Provincial Committee's decisive battle to overcome poverty.

Strengthen professional command,Scientific organizations save,Strengthen risk assessment and effective response.As a pilot for comprehensive management reform of fishing vessels and fishing ports,Taizhou, Zhejiang Province implements a county-township 'port-master system' at 44 fishing ports in the cityEstablished 12 fishing port management stations,Promote the advancement of comprehensive law enforcement,And in the province's first 'Internet of Things + Blockchain' fishing port comprehensive pollution prevention and management.